Sentence Examples

  • Deposits of sulphur are frequently formed by the decomposition of hydrogen sulphide, on exposure to the atmosphere: hence natural sulphureous waters, especially hot springs, readily deposit sulphur.
  • The Hot Springs, Which Are Of Sulphureous Quality, And Have A Temperature Of From 109° To 113° F., Are Still Much Frequented, Attracting Annually Many Thousands Of Visitors.
  • The waters are chalybeate, sulphureous and saline, and some of the springs possess all these qualities to a greater or less extent.
  • Within a mile of Hammam Meskutin are ferruginous and sulphureous springs.
  • It is also necessary, he inferred, for all muscular movements, and he thought there was reason to believe that the sudden contraction of muscle is produced by its combination with other combustible (salino-sulphureous) particles in the body; hence the heart, being a muscle, ceases to beat when respiration is stopped.

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