Sentence Examples

  • In the second temple there was a water libation every morning of the festival, and on the evening of the first day the great golden candelabrum was lit up and the men danced a torch dance around it (Mishnah, Sukkah, v.
  • Xii., xiii., 5; Talmud, Sukkah, 48 b).
  • 13.15; and the Talmudic tractate Sukkah) already suggested a Dionysiac celebration to Plutarch (Symp. iv.
  • The almost mystical profundity of Hillel's conciousness of God is shown in the words spoken by him on the occasion of a feast in the Temple - words alluding to the throng of people gathered there which he puts into the mouth of God Himself: "If I am here every one is here; if I am not here no one is here" (Sukkah 53a).
  • (6) Sukkah or Sukkoth (" booth[s] "), on Lev.