Sentence Examples

  • 1238) had now expired, and new succours and new measures were needed for the Holy Land.
  • Consist of narratives, constructed no doubt upon a traditional basis, of the experiences of Daniel at the Babylonian court, between 605 and 538 B.C., with the design of illustrating how God, in times of trouble, defends and succours His faithful servants.
  • Our compassion should be like that of God, who succours the suffering without sharing in their pain.
  • Vainly did the besieged watch for succours from Egypt (Jer.
  • Vendome at first opposed great obstacles to the plan which the prince had formed for carrying succours into Piedmont; but after a variety of marches and counter-marches, in which both commanders displayed signal ability, the two armies met at Cassano (August 16, 1705), where a deadly engagement ensued, and Prince Eugene received two severe wounds which forced him to quit the field.

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