Sentence Examples

  • Wislicenus, Ann., 18 93, 2 75, p. 312), is also obtained by the action of sodium on the esters of pimelic acid; by the distillation of calcium succinate; and by hydrolysis of the cyclopentanone carboxylic acid, obtained by condensing adipic and oxalic esters in the presence of sodium ethylate.
  • In the same way, by electrolysing a mixture of a metallic salt and an ester, other nuclei may be condensed; thus potassium acetate and potassium ethyl succinate yield CH 3 * CH2 � CH2 � C02 C2H5.
  • Succinate of iron has been prepared by Hausmann.
  • Heated in a current of ammonia it gives succinimide, which is also obtained on heating acid ammonium succinate.
  • If a solution of potassium acetate be electrolysed the products are ethane, carbon dioxide, potash and hydrogen; in a similar manner, normal potassium succinate gives ethylene, carbon dioxide, potash and hydrogen; these reactions may be represented: CH 3 �CO 2;K CH 3 CO 2 K' CH 2 �CO 2 1K CH 2 CO 2 K' --> I + + I I -i iI + CH 3 �CO 21 K CH 3 CO 2 K' CH 2 �CO 2 iK CH 2 CO 2 K' By electrolysing a solution of potassium ethyl succinate, KO 2 C�(CH 2) 2 CO 2 C 2 H 5, the KO 2 C� groups are split off and the two residues �(CH 2) 2 CO 2 C 2 H 5 combine to form the ester (CH2)4(C02C2H5)2.