Sentence Examples

  • To find a subprime lender to consolidate your debt, try a website such as eLoan, which will accept your debt consolidation loan on behalf of a variety of lenders and then provide you with the best choices willing to approve the application.
  • It is certainly worth it to take the time to compare the mortgage products offered by lenders willing to offer bad credit home loans London because some subprime lenders offer better rates and terms than other lenders.
  • Of those being investigated, some companies faced accusations of insider trading, accounting fraud, and other violations including those specifically targeting subprime credit-holding consumers.
  • Traditional creditors may not provide credit card products for this group of people, but there are a large number of subprime creditors specializing in credit cards for people with bad credit.
  • During the ten years between 1996 and 2006, the total percentage of new mortgages falling in the subprime category doubled, meaning that a larger portion of loans made were high risk loans.

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