Sentence Examples

  • The collapse must be treated with hot blankets and bottles, and subcutaneous injections of brandy, ether or strychnine.
  • If the injury be a small incised wound through the skin and subcutaneous tissues without any septic contamination, there usually follows a minimum of reaction on the part of the tissues.
  • In the wasting of the thyroid gland in myxoedema, or when the gland is completely removed by operation, myxomatous areas are found in the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, nerve-sheaths, &c.
  • The venom is generally introduced into the subcutaneous tissue, whence it reaches the general circulation by absorption through the lymph and blood-vessels.
  • The sulci are emphasized because the subcutaneous fat, which is copious in order to pad the skin for the purpose of firmness of holding„ being restricted to the intervals between the lines along which the skin is tied down, makes these intervals project, and these are the monticuli.