Sentence Examples

  • "Subapostolic" is perhaps a more accurate designation.
  • Secondly, it means that the actual development of ecclesiastical doctrine began, not from the Apostolic consciousness itself, but from a far lower level, that of the inadequate consciousness of the subapostolic Church, even when face to face with their written words.
  • Consequently, it is not strange that citations of sayings of Christ - and these are the only express citations in writings of the Subapostolic Age - should be made without the source whence they were derived being named, and (with a single exception) without any clear indication that the source was a document.
  • An analogous process is seen in the use of "disciple," applicable in the apostolic age to Christians at large, but in the course of the subapostolic age restricted to personal "disciples of the Lord" or to martyrs (Papias in Eus.