Sentence Examples

  • In addition, while The Young and the Restless revolves around heated rivalries, sexy hook-ups, lies and manipulations in the fictional metropolis of Genoa City, residents in the Wisconsin village don't even have a single stoplight.
  • Diet is the easiest to implement, with its "stoplight" coded system for identifying which foods are best suited for the diet, which can be consumed on occasion, and which should be avoided entirely.
  • After Fox exercised their right of first refusal and Ingenious Media financially backed half of the film, the stoplight and project of Avatar itself was switched to green.
  • Cameron's dedication to the project was exhibited when he installed a stoplight outside the office of co-producer Jon Landau's office to show the status of the project.
  • On March 9, 1997, as Smalls and his entourage were waiting at a stoplight, a car pulled up beside them and someone put four bullets into Smalls' chest.