Sentence Examples

  • Our Angel Babies: This was created by a grieving mother in New York as a means of not only memorializing her daughter, Jordyn Alyse who was stillborn in 2003, but also as a place for other families to share the loss of their children.
  • Edwards' syndrome occurs in approximately one in every 5,000 live births and one in every 5,000 stillborn births; it affects girls more often than boys.
  • A pregnant woman who has GBS infection can develop infections of the bladder, blood, and urinary tract, and deliver a baby who is infected or stillborn.
  • I had a tremendous sense of worth when I gave my cousin's wife a pencil drawing and scrapbook page I created for her stillborn daughter.
  • Unborn children exposed to rubella early in pregnancy are also more likely to be miscarried, stillborn, or have a low birth weight.