Sentence Examples

  • Week 1: The first week, choose any activity at all - from simple walking down the street to using a treadmill or stepper - and perform it every day at a moderate pace that gets your heart beating a little faster for about 10 minutes.
  • Marcy exercise equipment offers a couple step machines including its Impex MS-100 Pivot Multi Directional Stepper and Marcy MS-101 Hers Elite Pivot Stepper.
  • The Marcy Mini Stepper with Handle provides real-time feedback with its electronic display regarding calorie burn and strides per minutes.
  • This machine sits low to the ground, and is therefore not as obvious as a taller piece of equipment, such as a stair stepper.
  • You can also get a larger stepper to place under the board to give it some height, which will give you additional challenges.