Sentence Examples

  • Lactose intolerance can be caused by some diseases of the digestive system (for example, celiac sprue and gastroenteritis) and by injuries to the small intestine that result in a decreased production of lactase.
  • The Celiac Sprue Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Celiac Disease patients cope with the illness and make the necessary diet and lifestyle adjustments needed to keep it under control.
  • According to the Celiac Sprue Association (CSA), dieticians, doctors and gluten-intolerant consumers have debated the safety of oats for twenty years, and there are still no clearly defined guidelines.
  • You may have researched details of celiac sprue and gluten-intolerance enough to know that celiac disease is the result of one's body not being able to handle gluten, the protein found in most grains.
  • Digestive diseases such as celiac disease and tropical sprue (which affect absorption in the intestine), as well as intestinal infections and injuries, can reduce the amount of enzymes produced.