Sentence Examples

  • The sporogonium of the liverworts is in the simpler forms simply a spore-capstile with arrangements for the development, protection and distribution of the spores.
  • Morphological identity) between the differentiated tissues of an Anthocerotean sporogonium and those of the sporophyte in the higher plants.
  • In the stalk of the sporogonium there is a similar strand, which is of course not in direct connection with, but continues the conduction of water from, the strand of the gametophytic axis.
  • The central hydrom strand in the seta of the sporogonium of most mosses has already been alluded to.
  • Thus the histological differentiation of the sporogonium of the higher mosses is one of considerable complexity; but there is here even less reason to suppose that these tissues have any homology (phylogenetic community of origin) with the similar ones met with in the higher plants.

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