Sentence Examples

  • No specialized system of spermathecae, sperm reservoirs, and copulatory apparatus, as in Oligochaeta; development generally through a larval form; reproduction by budding also occurs.
  • Spermathecae nearly always present.
  • These sacs are dealt with later under the description of the spermathecae, which function they appear to perform.
  • Associated with these glands are frequently to be found bundles or pairs of long and variously modified setae which are termed penial setae,to distinguish them from other setae sometimes but not always associated with rather similarglandswhich are found anteriorly to these, and often in the immediate neighbourhood of the spermathecae; the latter are spoken of as genital setae.
  • Spermathecae are generally present in the Oligochaeta and are absent only in comparatively few genera and species.

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