Sentence Examples

  • In Heliodrilus the blind extremity of the spermatheca is enclosed in a coelomic sac which is in connexion with the sacs envolving the ovaries and oviducts.
  • In Hyperiodrilus the whole spermatheca is thus included in a corresponding sac, which is of great extent.
  • In such other genera of the family as have been examined, the true spermatheca has entirely disappeared, and the sac which contains it in Hyperiodrilus alone remains.
  • Sperm, spermatheca; sp. o, its external orifice; sp. sac, spermathecal sac; ov, sac containing ovary;.
  • (as it appears) of the epidermis, and that it performs the function of a spermatheca is shown by its containing spermatozoa, or, in Stuhlmannia, a spermatophore.

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