Sentence Examples

  • Whereas Maul was barely on the planet for a day, and spent most of his time inside his probably air conditioned Infiltrator, only emerging to send and receive his probe droids upon which he sped off on a speeder bike to the Jedi.
  • Another great part of Star Wars Battlefront 2 is that there are more weapons and vehicles you can try out like land speeders, ground turrets, speeder bikes X-Wing fighters, AT-AT Walkers and quite a few others.
  • It comes equipped with a detachable man-post, launchable speeder bike, hidden rotating crow's nest, and battle launchers on the top and side of the vehicle.
  • The Empire Strikes Back put you in control of a snow speeder in the Battle of Hoth to destroy AT-AT walkers.
  • Sounds of the Star Wars Imperial Speeder Bikes can be summed up in one word--fast.