Sentence Examples

  • The Five-foot Spectroheliograph of the Mount Wilson Solar Observatory (camera lens, camera slit and plate carrier in section).
  • It is evident that by the use of a spectroheliograph of sufficiently high dispersion, photographs may be taken of vapours in the sun represented by lines narrower than those of calcium and hydrogen.
  • Such work has been in progress both at Mount Wilson and at Meudon, and the erection of a spectroheliograph of 75 ft.
  • The calcium flocculi, on account of the brilliant reversals of the H and K lines to which they give rise, and the protection to the plate afforded by the diffuse dark bands in which these bright lines occur, are easily photographed with a spectroheliograph of low dispersion.
  • A spectroheliograph which gives excellent results with the lines of calcium, hydrogen and iron is shown in the figure.