Sentence Examples

  • He published four volumes of sonnets which have been highly praised.
  • This is the name generally given to eight letters, and a sequence of irregular sonnets, all described as originally in French, and said to have been addressed by Mary, queen of Scots, to the earl of Bothwell, between January and April 1566-1567.
  • A MS. collection of seventy-two sonnets, entitled The Tarantula of Love, and a translation (1587) from the Italian of the Triumphs of Petrarke are preserved in the library of the university of Edinburgh, in the collection bequeathed by his nephew, William Drummond.
  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote sonnets to " the large-brained woman and large-hearted man, self-named George Sand."
  • Among them are some satirical sonnets describing Roman manners, and the later ones written after his return to Paris are often appeals for patronage.