Sentence Examples

  • In 1982 Weil brought his son-in-law, Olivier Bernheim, into the company.
  • The party was usually thrown by the bride-to-be's parents and was the acknowledgment that their daughter would be getting married and that they accepted the soon to be son-in-law.
  • This will allow your daughter and future son-in-law to determine whether their plans are within the budget you set.
  • The line is named after Dr. Rawson and Mary Penfolds' son-in-law who helped manage and build the original company.
  • No other mention has been found in any of the numerous Swiss or Austrian chronicles till we come to the book De Helvetiae origine, written in 1538 by Rudolph Gwalther (Zwingli's son-in-law), when the hero is still nameless, being compared to Decius or Codrus, but is said to have been killed by his brave act.