Sentence Examples

  • Among them are the lion (Somali name libah) and elephant, though these have been to a large extent driven from the northern coast districts;.
  • Bhau-Dajiana of the Somali country, and of B.
  • Congo for maternity cases and cases of curable Ubangi-Chad illness; (2) the hospice, where the aged Madagascar poor, cases of incurable malady, orphans, Nossi-be Island foundlings and other children without Ste Marie Island means of support, and in some cases Comoro Islands lunatics, are received; (3) the bureau de Somali Coast bien-faisance, charged with the provision 9f Reunion out-door relief (secours a domicile) in money st Paul 1 or in kind, to the aged poor or those who, Amsterdam though capable of working, are prevented Kerguelen.
  • SOMALILAND, a country of East Africa, so named from its Somali inhabitants.
  • Somali also inhabit the coast region and considerable areas inland, as far south as the Tana river.