Sentence Examples

  • Once advantage DSL offers is simultaneous use of your phone for outgoing and incoming calls while you continue to surf the net, a big advantage to the SOHO user who may be operating an online business.
  • Self-employment encompasses a wide variety of industries including professional careers, such as real estate agents, freelancers, small office / home office (SOHO) workers, and small business owners.
  • Two front pockets are signature looks for these totes, as are double shoulder straps, but there are other Soho totes that have side pockets, which can be an advantage when carrying the bag.
  • After passing some time at school in Soho Square, and at a Kentish village, he went from 1744 to 1746 to Westminster School and for the next five or six years was at Eton.
  • German residents are found mainly in the western and west central districts; French mainly in the City of Westminster (especially the district of Soho), St Pancras and St Marylebone; Italians in Holborn (Saffron Hill), Soho and Finsbury; and Russians and Poles in Stepney and Bethnal Green.