Sentence Examples

  • When you shoot dead enemies in SoF, they flip, flop, and disturbingly, ooze more blood.
  • Thionyl fluoride, SOF 21 has been obtained as a fuming, gas by decomposing arsenic fluoride with thionyl chloride (Moissan and Lebeau, Corn pt.
  • Another out of many theories 1 is that the hard beds of quartzite are denuded by the disintegration of the sof ter layers.
  • The monotheistic influence of Aristotle and his Arabian commentators shows itself in Albert and Aquinas, at the outset, in the definitive fashion in which the " mysteries " y sof the Trinity and the Incarnation are henceforth detached from the sphere of rational or philosophical theology.
  • This was at Sof ala, the most southerly post of the East African Arabs.