Sentence Examples

  • Colors include a deep electric blue with four white stripes and one in bold red; slate-blue with pale blue, green, white and pink stripes; pale blue with slate and green stripes and pink accents; and snakeskin silver with black stripes.
  • It's no wonder why: Each piece, whether it's a cute cosmetics pouch, an exotic snakeskin shoulder bag or a chic scarf, boasts a certain feminine charm that speaks to the greatest desires of the fashion-conscious consumer.
  • Made from faux snakeskin, this stylish cover has a buckle enclosure, fresh hardware accents, and plenty of extras such as interior panel pockets, an expandable zippered compartment, and pen holder.
  • The colors are white with dark blue and rose accents; a striking orange, green and black combination; olive with shiny pink and blue accent; and black with silver snakeskin and blue accent.
  • This material is decidedly less glamorous than leather and more exotic choices like snakeskin, but its strength and sturdiness generally make it quite functional and reliable.

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