Sentence Examples

  • They live near an active lead smelter, battery-recycling plant, or other industry that can create lead pollution.
  • To test the purity of the metal the tin-smelter heats the bars to a certain temperature just below the fusing point, and then strikes them with a hammer or lets them fall on a stone floor from a given height.
  • Of the smelter domestic product 235,559 tons were of desilverized lead and 129,607 of soft lead.
  • A law establishing an eighthour day for underground miners and smelter employees (1899) was unanimously voided by the state supreme court, but in 1902 the people amended the constitution and ordered the general assembly to re-enact the law for labourers in mines, smelters and dangerous employments.
  • The value of the copper mined in 1906 (based on smelter returns) was $54,347.