Sentence Examples

  • Even my smallish city (nearly 80,000 people) seems to be able to support two bead stores, not to mention the crafty superstore on the main drag of the city (and across the street from one of the independents).
  • Classic Elite, a simple, smallish aviator style with colored lenses available in a thin silver frame, belongs on the face of any Elvis fan.
  • These stores are impressive, and I was thrilled when my smallish town got one probably 10 years ago.
  • These sunglasses are square-shaped and seem to be cut on the smallish end of the size spectrum.
  • Later writers, Posidonius, Diodorus, Strabo and others, call them smallish islands off (Strabo says, some way off) the north-west coast of Spain, which contained tin mines, or, as Strabo says, tin and lead mines - though a passage in Diodorus derives the name rather from their nearness to the tin districts of north-west Spain.