Sentence Examples

  • Although it sounds like techno-jargon, its usage is literal in the sense that devices like the Canon Rebel XT 8 MP digital SLR camera use a totally electronic form of communication between the lenses and the camera itself.
  • If you enjoy flexing your amateur photography muscles for nature shots, sunsets, landscapes, and other artistic endeavors, then a good digital SLR camera with a zoom lens will produce good, frame-quality photographs.
  • If this makes you nervous, you should know that every digital SLR camera does come equipped with automatic settings, as well as intermediate features that offer increasing levels of control over your images.
  • However, if you are an advanced photographer working with a SLR camera with interchangeable lenses, then you could opt to add a specialized macro lens and manipulate light sources to snap super shots.
  • Although generally targeted to advanced photographers, anyone can learn to use these cameras in just a few easy steps and they are quickly giving expensive digital SLR cameras some heavy competition.