Sentence Examples

  • The works of the ancient tragedians (especially Seneca, in preference to the Greek) came into vogue, and were slavishly followed by French and Italian imitators down to the 17th century.
  • He belonged to the High Church school, which was influenced by the teaching of Newman and Pusey and the Oxford teachers of their day; but he by no means slavishly followed them.
  • In 1526 Luther published the German Mass and order of Divine Service, which, without being slavishly copied, served as a model for Lutheran communities.
  • A Frenchman before everything, he abased the papal power to such an extent as to excite the indignation of his contemporaries, often slavishly subordinating it to the exigencies of the domestic and foreign policy of the Angevins at Naples and the reigning house at Paris.
  • The Ethiopic Version is most accurate and trustworthy, and indeed, as a rule, slavishly literal.