Sentence Examples

  • Bretschneider remarks in his autobiography that the publication of this work had the effect of preventing his appointment as successor to Karl C. Tittmann in Dresden, the minister Detlev von Einsiedel (1773-1861) denouncing him as the "slanderer of John" (Johannisschdnder).
  • "When I heard," he said, "the gentleman lay down principles which placed the murderers of Alton side by side with Otis and Hancock, with Quincy and Adams, I thought these pictured lips (pointing to their portraits) would have broken into voice to rebuke the recreant American, the slanderer of the dead."
  • 8ca(30Xos, "slanderer," from 8ca(36XXav, to slander), the generic name for a spirit of evil, especially the supreme spirit of evil, the foe of God and man.
  • Io), slanderer or accuser, the 'rEipd wv (Matt.