Sentence Examples

  • A piece of iron called the slade is bolted to the bottom of the frame, and this, running along the sole of the furrow, acts as a base to the whole implement.
  • In South Wales the Bala Series contains the following beds in descending order: - the Trinucleus seticornis beds (Slade beds, Redhill shales and Sholeshook limestone), the Robeston Wathen beds, and the Dicranograptus shales.
  • It was followed by some other occasional pieces; and in the same year he was elected Slade professor of art in the university of Oxford.
  • E Manning ee B df id Dhnmow a Lin' slade - t
  • The persons appointed (in conjunction with the proctors, John Slade of Catharine Hall, and Benjamin Pulleyn of Trinity College, Newton's tutor) to examine the questionists were John Eachard of Catharine Hall and Thomas Gipps of Trinity College.