Sentence Examples

  • Though some have balked at the idea of grown women playing full contact football in their skivvies, the Lingerie Bowl has been very well received by fans in the past and many are looking forward to the upcoming season.
  • You'll probably find mesh briefs on the "player" types in the clubs, but you could be surprised to take the Clark Kent-esque bookworm back to your place and discover that he, too, is a big fan of see-through skivvies.
  • Fashion designer and, especially swimwear and underwear designer extraordinaire, Andrew Christian has a new line of men's underwear out that will add the "wow" factor to your skivvies.
  • Hippie Skivvies - The sports bras here run a little bit small, but they claim that they have had many a happy large busted customer.
  • Today's sleeker combinations go well under pants and they are pretty unexpected when you strip down to your skivvies.

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