Sentence Examples

  • Anger simmered beneath her controlled façade.
  • Patriotism, insight, courage, statesmanship, energy, - these great qualities were indisputably his; but unfortunately they were vitiated by obstinacy, suspicion and a sulky craftiness, beneath which simmered a very volcano of revengeful cruelty.
  • His rage simmered, yet he couldn't maintain the rage when faced with the sudden need to think.
  • But, though driven from the field, the agitation simmered all over the country for nearly two years longer, and was only terminated, in1609, by a general amnesty which excluded every prospect of constitutional reform.
  • The menu includes many great items like Oriental chicken salad, Greek-style chicken with tomatoes, simmered shrimp with scallops, pork loin and herb and garlic rubbed sirloin of beef, to name a few.