Sentence Examples

  • There was first, on the site occupied by the present castle, a camp of about ten acres, probably constructed after the conquest of the Silures A.D.
  • He subdued the Silures, and held the other native tribes in check till he was superseded by Agricola (78).
  • In Roman times the eastern half of the county formed part of the territory of the Silures, a pre-Celtic race, whose governing class at that time probably consisted of Brythonic Celts.
  • SILURES, a powerful and warlike tribe in ancient Britain, occupying approximately the counties of Monmouth, Brecon and Glamorgan.
  • Its massive Roman walls still survive, and recent excavations have revealed a town hall and market square, a temple, baths, amphitheatre, and many comfortable houses with mosaics, &c. An inscription shows that under the Roman Empire it was the chef-lieu of the Silures, whose ordo or county council provided for the local government of the district.