Sentence Examples

  • SILAS DEANE (1737-1789), American diplomat, was born in Groton, Connecticut, on the 24th of December 1737.
  • WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN (1860-), American political leader, son of Silas Lillard Bryan, a native of Culpeper county, Virginia, who was a lawyer and from 1860 to 1897 a state circuit judge, was born at Salem, Marion county, Illinois, on the 19th of March 1860.
  • Montanus claimed to have a prophetic calling in the very same sense as Agabus, Judas, Silas, the daughters of Philip, Quadratus and Ammia, or as Hermas at Rome.
  • SILAS WRIGHT (1795-1847), American political leader, was born at Amherst, Mass., on the 24th of May 1795.
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