Sentence Examples

  • From her sickbed, she began the process of folding 1,000 cranes with the goal that she would wish for world peace.
  • The sober lists of names with which it opens; the account of the embassy, so business-like in its estimates of costs and terms, and suddenly breaking into a fervent description of how the six deputies, "prostrating themselves on the earth and weeping warm tears, begged the doge and people of Venice to have pity on Jerusalem"; the story immediately following, how the young count Thibault of Champagne, raising himself from a sickbed in his joy at the successful return of his ambassadors, "leva sus et chevaucha, et laz!
  • Supernatural beings play an important part in the Sickbed, the Wooing of and similar stories, but the relations between ordinary mortals and such divine or semi-divine personages is not easy to establish.