Sentence Examples

  • Amari, La Guerra del Vespro Siciliano (Florence, 1876), and F.
  • Cosentino, La Carta di papiro," in Archivio storico siciliano (1889), pp. 134-164.
  • Amari's La Guerra del Vespro Siciliano (8th ed., Florence, 1876) is a valuable history, but the author is too bitterly prejudiced against the French to be quite impartial; his work should be compared with L.
  • Murena, Vita di Roberto d'Angib, re di Napoli (Naples, 1770); and Archivio storico Siciliano (1884, viii.
  • Palermo has been commonly thought to be an original Phoenician settlement of unknown date (though its true Phoenician name is unknown), but Holm (Archivio storio siciliano, 1880, iv.

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