Sentence Examples

  • As regards the dentals and sibilants there are one or two rules which govern the interchange, in the manner of a Grimm's Law.
  • The twenty-first letter of the Phoenician alphabet, is one of the four sibilants which that alphabet possesses.
  • Further points of difficulty in connexion with the sibilants are discussed under X and Z.
  • Perhaps the most interesting of these consonantal interchanges is that occurring between n and the sibilants sh and z; ner = slier; na=za, which by some scholars has been declared to be phonetically impossible, but its existence is well established between the modern Chinese colloquial idioms. For example, Pekingese then, Hakka nyin, Fuchow niing, Ningpo zhing and nying, WOnchow zang and Hang all =" man."
  • These are: (a) how Greek utilized the four sibilants (Shin, Samech, Zain and Zade), which it took over from the Phoenician; (b) what was the history of development in the symbols for cl), x, 4', w (the history of E belongs to both heads); (c) the history of the symbol for the digamma F.

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