Sentence Examples

  • A third electrolytic meter of the shunted voltameter type is that of A.
  • Under these circumstances a small portion of the current from the battery is shunted through the galvanometer circuit, and can be used to make electric signals.
  • This device was converted into an electric wave detector as follows :-The mercury-steel junction was acted upon by the electromotive force of a shunted single cell and a siphon recorder was inserted in series.
  • Fessenden employed a simple fine loop of Wollaston platinum wire in series with a telephone and shunted voltaic cell, so that when electric oscillations passed through the fine wire its resistance was increased and the current through the telephone suddenly diminished (R.
  • To enable the wagons to be shunted into the desired order yards containing a large number of sidings are constructed at important junction points like A.