Sentence Examples

  • Meantime on the Japanese right the 12th division attacked the large bodies of troops that Kuropatkin had massed (Yu-shu-ling) equally in vain.
  • On the 25th of August the 2nd and 4th Armies from Haicheng and the 1st Army from the Yin-tsu-ling and Yu-shu-ling began the last stage of their convergent advance.
  • So, for -example, the word for " name " may be written by a sign MU, or it may be written out by two signs shu-mu, the one sign MU representing the " Sumerian " word for " name," which, however, in the case of a Babylonian or Assyrian text must be read as shumu - the Semitic equivalent of the Sumerian MU.
  • Thus names like Sin-na-di-in-shu-mi and Bel-na-di-in-shu-mi, i.e.
  • Osaka owes its origin to Rennio Shonin, the eighth head of the Shin-Shu sect, who in1495-1496built, on the site now occupied by the castle, a temple which afterwards became the principal residence of his successors.