Sentence Examples

  • The principal undertaking of the Federal government is the Shoshone project in Bighorn county.
  • This provides for a storage reservoir, controlled by Shoshone dam on Shoshone river, about 8 m.
  • Above Cody; a canal diverting water from Shoshone reservoir round the N.
  • Of Shoshone dam and covering lands in the vicinity of Cody, Corbett, Eagle Nest and Ralston; a dam at Corbett about 16 m.
  • Below the reservoir diverting water to Ralston reservoir and thence to lands in the vicinity of Ralston, Powell, Garland, Mantua and Frannie, and a dam on the Shoshone river near Eagle Nest diverting water into a canal covering the lands of the Shoshone River Valley.