Sentence Examples

  • Sharks' teeth, shells and bamboo were formerly generally used as cutting instruments for shaving and surgical operations.
  • Besides the commoner kinds of fishes, sharks, the torsk, opah and sunfish occur.
  • This elaborate type of scolex appears to be an adaptation to grasp the spiral intestinal valve of sharks and rays.
  • The manganese nodules afford the most ample proof of the prodigious period of time which has elapsed since the formation of the red clay began; the sharks' teeth and whales' ear-bones which serve as nuclei belong in some cases to extinct species or even to forms derived from those familiar in the fossils from the seas of the Tertiary period.
  • Many fish inhabited the Carboniferous seas and most of these were Elasmobranchs, sharks with crushing pavement teeth (Psammodus), adapted for grinding the shells of brachiopods, crustaceans, &c. Other sharks had piercing teeth (Cladoselache and Cladodus); some, the petalodonts, had peculiar cycloid cutting teeth.