Sentence Examples

  • Most of these are co-operative, their shareholders being the farmers themselves.
  • In 1905 there were 134 tea-planting companies registered in India, about 80% of the capital being held by shareholders in London.
  • Of the net profits, a dividend of 31/2% is first payable to the shareholders, 20% of the remainder is transferred to the reserve until this has reached a total of 3,000,000, and of the remainder again a quarter is apportioned to the shareholders and three-quarters falls to the imperial exchequer.
  • In 1889 the total foreign debt, including arrears of interest, was £54,000,000, and in the following year a contract was signed with the Peruvian Corporation, a company in which the bondholders became shareholders, for the transfer to it for 66 years of the state railways,, the free use of certain ports, the right of navigation on Lake Titicaca, the exploitation of the remaining guano deposits up to 3,000,000 tons, and thirty-three annual subsidies of £80,000 each, in consideration of the cancellation of the debt.
  • In the following year plans for enlargement were submitted to the shareholders, and various extensions followed, particularly in 1830 and 1847.