Sentence Examples

  • A guy who is going to a medieval themed prom might want to forgo the classic tuxedo for a more Shakespearean look, he could try a costume shop to find a knight outfit, or if he is the class clown, why not look for a jester's costume?
  • One of the reasons text messages are such a popular way to let someone know that you care is because they are, of necessity, only 140 characters long - which means there is no pressure to come up with Shakespearean soliloquoys.
  • There were several variations of hose styles, including the classic "slops" (as seen in this picture of a noble from 1570) which are often associated with Shakespearean costumes.
  • Scouring the virtual world for theater companies will net you about five popular ones that put on comedy shows, Shakespearean plays, and other well-known stage productions.
  • In 1987, after graduation, he began to take roles in Shakespearean plays with the Young Vic Theatre Company, a London Theater located near the legendary Old Vic.