Sentence Examples

  • Here Lazarus, king of Servia, had collected an army of roo,000 Serbs, Hungarians, Moldavians, Walachians and others.
  • Much more was this the case when, in the summer, the dangers from the Croats, Serbs and the reaction at Vienna increased.
  • Thus the Roman Catholics prefer the name of Croats, Hrvats or Latins; the Orthodox, of Serbs; the Moslems, of Turks.
  • To avoid offending either "Serbs" or "Croats," it is officially designated "Bosnisch."
  • Of the Aryan races the Slavs - Serbs, Bulgarians, Pomaks and Cossacks - and the Greeks predominate, the other representatives being chiefly Albanians and Kurds.