Sentence Examples

  • But they were reluctant to face an immediate dissolution, and the Septennial Act was passed (1716) to extend to seven.
  • Hasselt is best known for its great septennial fete held on the day of Assumption, August 15th.
  • This new and obedient legislature, to which only nineteen liberals were returned, made itself into a septennial parliament, thus providing time, it was thought, to restore some part of the ancien regime.
  • He hated Dissenters, and stock-jobbers, the excise and the army, septennial parliaments, and Continental connexions.
  • The Excise Bill in 1733 and the Septennial Bill in the following year offered opportunities for further attacks on the government, which Bolingbroke supported by a new series of papers in the Craftsman styled "A Dissertation on Parties"; but the whole movement collapsed after the new elections, which returned Walpole to power in 1735 with a large majority.