Sentence Examples

  • Photo Effect Faux Film: Apply old world film effects to your digital files with filters like black and white film, time machine, infrared film, and sepia toning.
  • The researchers found that over 600 different homeopathic remedies were recommended for the patients, although Sepia , Lycopodium, Sulphur, and Natrum muriaticum were the remedies most frequently prescribed.
  • Because the sepia tone is reminiscent of classic antiquing, many jewelry designers prefer to create champagne stones in subtle vintage shapes, such as cushion cuts or emerald cuts.
  • With this program, you can change the color, create sepia tones, make the image look like it was hand drawn or painted, and a variety of other interesting looks.
  • (d) Ore antico; corpore brachiato: Triton, Sepia, Clio, Lernaea, Scyllaea.