Sentence Examples

  • There is a small, rocky and picturesque island nearer the harbour entrance, which is crowned by a small chapel, dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem.
  • The most noteworthy public buildings are the Cathedral (Porto Alegre being the see of a Roman Catholic bishop), the handsome church of Nossa Senhora das Dores, the municipal palace, school of engineering, government palace, legislative halls, school of medicine, athenaeum, normal school and public library and military barracks.
  • One of the most attractive churches is that of Nossa Senhora da Penha, surmounted by two slender spires and a dome.
  • FLORIANOPOLIS (formerly Desterro, Nossa Senhora do Desterro and Santa Catharina, and still popularly known under the last designation), a city and port of Brazil and the capital of the state of Santa Catharina, on the western or inside shore of a large island of the same name, 485 m.

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