Sentence Examples

  • Hen-and-chicken Houseleek (Sempervivum Globiferum) - This grows in firm dense tufts, its little round offsets being so abundantly thrown off that they are pushed clear above the tufts, and lie on the surface in small brownish-green balls.
  • Cobweb Houseleek (Sempervivum Arachnoideum) - One of the most singular of alpine plants, with tiny rosettes of fleshy leaves covered at the top with a thick white down, which intertwines itself all over the leaves like a spiders web.
  • Mountain Houseleek (Sempervivum Montanum) - A dark green kind, smaller than the common Houseleek, the leaves forming neat rosettes, from which spring dull rosy flowers in summer.
  • Houseleek, Hens and chicks (Sempervivum) - Succulent rock and alpine plants, of which the common Houseleek (S. tectorum), often seen on old roofs and walls, is the most familiar.
  • Fringed Houseleek (Sempervivum Fimbriatum) - One of the most profusely blooming kinds, the dark rose-colored flowers appearing in summer on stems 6 to 10 inches high.