Sentence Examples

  • The greater tone, lesser tone, and diatonic semitone of modern music. 2 Ptolemy set forth this system as one of eight possible forms of the diatonic scale.
  • § 388) thought that if the intensity of response by a given resonator in the ear to its own tone is taken as i, then its response to an equally loud tone a semitone different may be taken as about.
  • The Halberstadt pitch is nearly a semitone higher, which again agrees with the statement of Praetorius, and also Schlick's high C organ.
  • This is about a semitone below the Diapason Normal, and a just minor third lower than the St Jacobi organ in the same city (1688), measured by Herr Schmahl, a' 489.2.
  • A semitone, give two beats per second, while the same number of beats are given by notes of 32 X 16 (four octaves higher than the first of the preceding) or 512, and 514 vibrations, which are only slightly out of tune.