Sentence Examples

  • A history of such issues can lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the person with IED continues to have episodes of uncontrolled aggression because of the belief that he or she cannot overcome the past.
  • If a task takes three or four times longer than it should simply because you are having a lazy afternoon and are allowing the Law to be self-fulfilling, it is a negative and you are not working efficiently.
  • This sort of panic creates a self-fulfilling prophecy; if large numbers of customers begin withdrawing their money from a bank, the institution can be destabilized and the risk of default increases.
  • Everyone is left to wonder if this was a self-fulfilling prophecy when Kara flies her Viper into a swirling planetary storm and is lost when her ship is destroyed.
  • If your mind fills with negative thoughts about taking the exam, you run the risk of having a self-fulfilling prophesy.