Sentence Examples

  • At the Satin Laser Spa, LHE laser treatments, or light pulse and heat energy treatment, also targets the bacteria believed to cause acne, but additionally effects the sebaceous, or oil-producing, glands as well.
  • The common thought regarding this activity is that increasing the washings will then stimulate the body to increase the sebaceous output, but such is not actually the case.
  • Washing your baby's hair every day with a gentle shampoo will help to diminish the sebaceous output and the amount of plaque present on your baby's head.
  • Although Pekes are not usually candidates for a condition commonly called Sebaceous Adenitis (S.A.), this disease does cause scaly sores and hair loss.
  • In this event, the sebaceous glands excrete an excess of sebum to the point that it builds up into a waxy plaque on the scalp and sometimes the face.