Sentence Examples

  • 3, e, f, g, h), the scutellum of the mesothorax being often especially conspicuous.
  • R and 2, V.) in Hemiptera is large and free, and the mesothoracic scutellum is usually extensive.
  • Sc, scutellum; co, cl, m, corium, clavus and membrane of forewing.
  • The Pentatomidae (shield bugs), some of which are metallic or otherwise brightly coloured, are easily recognized by the great development of the scutellum, which reaches at least half-way back towards the tip of the abdomen, and in some genera covers the whole of the hind body, and also the wings when these are closed.
  • The Coreidae have a smaller scutellum, and the feelers are inserted high on the head, while in the Lygaeidae they are inserted lower down.